Installing CUDA10.2 patch 1

Hi, Im new to linux. Have three issues related to installation
I installed CUDA 10.2 (as gromacs 2020.3 has compatibility issues with CUDA11) ,with the instructions given in CUDA ToolKit documentation.

  1. While compiling examples ~/NVIDIA_CUDA-10.2_Samples
    and typing make
    gave error

fatal error: nvscibuf.h: nvscibuf.h: No such file
Make file:394:recipe for target ‘cudaNvSci.o’ failed

  1. How can i install the patch1 file of CUDA10.2 toolkit. As im new to ubuntu/linux, please direct me step by step.

  2. I m using gromacs on UBUNTU18.04 with GPU(Quadro P620). after running MD run im getting error

Program: gmx mdrun, version 2020.3
Source file: src/gromacs/gpu_utils/cudautils.cuh (line 260)
Fatal error:
Unexpected cudaStreamQuery failure: unspecified launch failure

please help to get through these issues

Thank you