Installing few librabries

Heyy all,

I need help in installing few libraries on jetson nano dev kit

How to do this?

Quick and easy
Python2: sudo apt-get install python-scipy python-h5py python-pil
Python3: sudo apt-get install python3-scipy python3-h5py python3-pil
but depending on your use-case that may leave you with outdated versions.

For something fancier, e.g. with a Python-Environment you can:
pip install scipy h5py PIL


Thanks a lot Dominik @dkreutz .

I have few doubts which is better to use in jetson nano ?
python inbuilt package management system pip or system-wide via a package manager such as apt-get or dnf.

If i want to use a pip how to install this virtual environment and later how to access it for running various python codes on Jupyter

The apt-packages are easier way, but often they are outdated versions. Many applications require specific versions, probably conflicting with another application, so i would recommend virtual environment.

Regarding virtual environment simply do a internet search for „python venv“

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ok i will look into it.

Once again thanks a lot Dominik @dkreutz