Installing Jetpack 4.3 on the NX

I’m trying to install Jetpack 4.3 on the NX. The SDK manager shows that the package is available for the NX. However, when I proceed to install I get the following error:

Oops! Could not load the Nvidia SDK details. There are no components available for installation.

Am I missing something? I need Jetpack 4.3 (specifically TensorRT 6) for my project.

Hi cbstryker,

The Xavier NX support starts from JetPack 4.4 DP version. You can’t use JetPack 4.3.

Before the most recent update to the SDK Manager (the update that coincided with the Jetpack 4.4 release) I was able to flash 4.3 just fine. In fact, when I received the NX modules Jetpack 4.4 was not available yet. Even now Jetpack 4.3 shows as an available option for the NX, it’s only when you proceed to the next step that the error occurs.

What’s the solution to use TensorRT 6 and Deepstream 4.x on the NX? I cannot migrate to DS 5.0 yet as doing so would involve a fair bit of work on my side. I rely on customizations to a few of the GStreamer plugins. Plus DS 5.0 is in preview and I cannot afford any bugs or performance problems. Looking at the SDK forums there seems to be a fair bit of wrinkles that still need to be ironed out before DS 5.0 is ready.

Actually, let me simplify this whole thing. What I really need is Deepstream 4.0.2 support on the NX. The error I’m getting is:

unable to find shared library

It’s looking for the TensorRT 6 version of various libraries, but only the versions are there.

Can you suggest a solution for this?

Hi cbstryker,

Xavier NX can only work with DeepStream 5.0 DP for now, there is no backward support method to get it working with DeepStream 4.0.2 + TensorRT 6.0.