Installing 'ncarg','netcdf','vis5d' problem.

Hi! I have a problem to install those program.
OS : Fedora 7
PGI 7.1.6 compiler

and I set the environment like this.

setenv FC pgf90
setenv F77 pgf77
setenv F90 pgf90
setenv CC pgcc
setenv CXX pgCC
setenv CFLAGS “-O2 -Msignextend -V”
setenv FFLAGS “-O2 -w -V”
setenv CPPFLAGS “-DNDEBUG -DpgiFortran”


pgcc -tp k8-64 -O -Msignextend -Mreentrant -fPIC -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE -O -I…/…/…/./include -I/usr/include -DSYSV -D_POSIX_SOURCE -D_XOPEN_SOURCE -DByteSwapped -DNeedFuncProto -DNDEBUG -DpgiFortran -c -o closure.o closure.c
PGC-W-0156-Type not specified, ‘int’ assumed (closure.c: 12)
PGC-W-0156-Type not specified, ‘int’ assumed (closure.c: 48)
PGC-W-0156-Type not specified, ‘int’ assumed (closure.c: 103)
PGC-W-0156-Type not specified, ‘int’ assumed (closure.c: 173)


configure:3596: checking whether separate fortran libs are desired
configure:3605: result: no
configure:3675: finding C compiler
configure:3795: checking for C compiler version
configure:3803: pgcc --version >&5
pgcc-Error-Unknown switch: --version
configure:3807: $? = 1
configure:3814: pgcc -v >&5
pgcc-Warning-No files to process

Copyright 1989-2000, The Portland Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright 2000-2007, STMicroelectronics, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
PGC-S-0040-Illegal use of symbol, choke (conftest.c: 17)
PGC-W-0156-Type not specified, ‘int’ assumed (conftest.c: 17)
PGC/x86-64 Linux 7.1-6: compilation completed with severe errors

I think the CFLAG and FCFLACG make some error. How can I edit?
Thank you

Best regards
Yongjoo CHOI

Yongjoo CHOI,

PGC-W-0156-Type not specified, 'int' assumed (closure.c: 12)

Without looking at the source, I’m guessing that the author of this code did not specifiy the return type of a function. Hence the compiler is just warning you that it’s using the default value of “int”. Most likely it’s safe to ignore but if you have concerns, you should ask the author.

As for NETCDF, the configure script will go through a seris of checks, not all of which are expected to pass. For example, PGI’s flag to check version information is “-V”. So the test of “–version” is expected to fail.

Did your configure complete succesfully? If not, what version of NetCDF are you using? I don’t see where 4.0 or 3.6.2 check for the C compiler version nor am I able to recreate the “choke” error.

Hope this helps,