Installing tensorflow on Drive AGX Xavier.

Hi, I’m trying to install tensorflow on Drive AGX Xavier.
But I couldn’t find any documentation about it.
Is it possible to do this? If it does, i want a documentation about this.

Dear Takahiro.C.Hirano,
Could you please check

SivaRamaKrishna, Thank you for your sharing instruction.
In this article, I can install tensorflow==1.6 but i want to install tensorflow==1.13.1.
Is it possible to install tensorflow==1.13.1 by modify

Yes, you should be able to install any particular version of Tensorflow following those instructions. I was able to install 1.10.

Also, please note the specific version of Bazel your particular TF build works with, from here:

Getting the build to work with an appropriate version of Bazel is what caused me a lot of pain.

Thank you for the helpful information, raul_91.
I have one more question, you said you suceed in installing 1.10, is it a gpu-version of Tensorflow?

I’m sorry if I am being impolite or too straightforward.

Yes, if you install it from source and specify the correct GPU architecture while enabling CUDA. In other words, you wouldn’t need a separate tensorflow-gpu installation if you follow the source installation instructions correctly. :)