Installing ver. 3.0 SDK on Fedora 12-- install from source?

Since there is no fedora 12 binary should source be used? My system was running ver. 2.3 flawlessly before upgrade effort.

Attempted the latest toolkit and SDK but for the supplied fedora 10 files. Everything installs however I receive make errors with the scan example. Running the ./deviceQuery example returns the dreaded ‘’ error. The path is properly documented in ~./bashrc and .

TIA for any assistance. V.

It appears the 3.0 toolkit and sdk issues relate to gcc 4.4 incompatibilities. I am loath to start changing standard SDK files but any add. help would be appreciated. V.

I’ve been forced to revert back to 2.3 and used the following tips to comment out dis-agreeable portions of code found in the link below. For most non-expert users switching back to gcc4.3, as suggested in forum posts, would seem fraught with potential system problems and even with the compat libraries, make errors occur w/o the mods below. Hope this helps someone else.…-declared-weak/