Noob with questions CUDA installation

Hi all,

I’m a C/C++ coder and would like to get into CUDA development under Linux. I’ve just built a new system based on a Core2 Quad with a GTX 260 based graphics card.

Is anybody currently using this card under Fedora 7 (or higher) and if so are there any considerations I should be aware of when setting it up?

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I’m not sure about Fedora CUDA quirks, but I wrote this guide for getting started with CUDA in Ubuntu, maybe it will help.

Sounds like a sweet rig! I hope you enjoy CUDA!

Thanks. I might take the Ubuntu route anyway, I just happen to use Fedora at work and am slightly more familiar with it (I realise that’s a bit of a non sequitor in terms of linux).

Massively parallel code isn’t something I’ve really done before so I’m looking forward to learning something new :)

I’ve set it up on Fedora 7, 8, and 9; the only real problem you’ll have with 9 is that they went straight from gcc 4.1 to 4.3, and 4.3 has some problems with CUDA (you won’t be able to compile the SDK with 4.3). 7 and 8 were completely straightforward, IIRC (they are officially supported with 2.0, after all).

Thanks for your help guys.

I got CUDA 2.0b installed working under Ubuntu 8.04 x64 in the end. I’ve not really had time to play with it yet though some of the demos refuse to compile at the moment but I’m sure its something fairly trivial.

FWIW, they should all compile. Good luck :)

I followed the instructions on life of a programmer geek. I am running 64bit ubuntu 8.04 on a Q6600 with an 8800GS.

Before installation I had installed the 3d Hardware drivers and had xinerama working on a dual display.

However after following the instructions up to the installation of the CUDA SDK, I am still stuck in low resolution mode even after disabling the nv drivers.

Any suggestions on what I should do? What information would you need to diagnose the problem? Thanks.

Edit: Fixed by running EnvyNG on 173.xx and then installing 177.67 over it.