Intel X710 controller driver availability

Does the Jetpack 4.1.1 release include driver support for the Intel’s X710 Ethernet Controller? If not is there a list of supported 10GbE controllers?


Currently the support list is in Jetson AGX Xavier Supported Component List on the download center.
But there are only few 10GbE controllers tested.

Thanks for the response Wayne, I actually only see 1GbE controllers listed.

Please use Intel x540T2 adapter.

I looked at that controller initially. But that controller uses the 10GBASE-T variant of 10GbE and I need a controller that speaks 10GBASE-KR for a backplane application. Hence why I have arrived at the X710 selection. Seems like I will need to buy one and see if I can load drivers for it.

My top level objective here is to connect an Ultrascale FPGA to the XAVIER. The GTY transcievers are all that are available to me as an electrical interface. The Ultrascale FPGA is running an instance of Xilinx’s 10G PCS/PMA Logic core.

My options are

  1. Use the X710 and allow for a direct connection from the FPGA to a custom XAVIER board with X710
  2. Create a custom XAVIER board with X540T2 and then connect FPGA and XAVIER via a 10G switch
  3. Instantiate a PCIe endpoint and push through the GTY transcievers and go direct to PCIe.

Are there any other ways that you can see to connect the ULTRASCALE to XAVIER via GTY/PCIE?

I think the second option looks feasible.