10GbE adapter with SFP connector for AGX Xavier?

are there any known SFP 10GbE PCIe cards that are known to work with AGX Xavier?
smth like the following? https://www.amazon.com/10Gtek-E10G42BTDA-Ethernet-Converged-X520-DA2/dp/B01LZRSQM9?th=1
smth like https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06X9T683K ?
reference thread found Jetson Xavier PCIe add on cards tested

We have verified Mellanox Connect-x5 on AGX that has SFP port.
We have also verified Intel 10 Ethernet card ( X520-T2) but not with SFP port.

There should be no issue with Any PCIe Ethernet card with SFP port on AGX


Thank you for sharing!
Melanox website shows speed up to 100Gb/s for ConnectX®-5 EN.
Was it the case on AGX?
Maybe you also know if we could also use Jetson NX nvme port with M.2<---->PCIe 4x adapter to get 10Gb or 100Gb/ Ethernet card on NX unit?
Is it likely supported? somewhat likely? unlikely?

The Jetson Xavier NX module integrates two PCIe controllers supporting:
• Connections to two interfaces (1x1 + 1x4).
• x1 (supports Root Port only), x4 (supports Root Port or Endpoint modes) Upstream and downstream AXI interfaces
that serve as the control path from the Jetson Xavier NX to the external PCIe device
• Gen3 (8 GT/s), supported on x1
• Gen4 (16 GT/s) supported on x4
• Two PCIe controllers, five lanes for a total of 144 GT/s. One controller operates in x1 mode only. The second
controller can operate in x1 or x2 or x4 mode