Two Jetson AGX Xavier connected by PCIE

we want use two Xaiver connected as a center computer ,and two Xavier connected by the PCIE with interactive big datas; so I want to know which group PCIE data can use and the data bandwidth?

It is possible to connect two Jetson Xaviers through PCIe interface. Please refer to the documentation for more info. Jetson release supports running virtual ethernet interface (over PCIe) between two Tegras and the achievable speed is around 5Gbps

so I want to know if the group of PCIE is Root Port ,can not be change to Endpoint? and if Endpoint can not be change to Root Port?

I’m not sure if I got the question right.
Are you asking us if the same controller can be used for both RP and EP (of course one at a time)?
Yes. Depending on the ODM data being used while flashing, the controller which owns the x16 PCIe slot on Jetson-Xavier can act either like RP (which is the default configuration) or as EP. When it acts like an EP, you need to have a different cable to connect to another RP. Please refer to the documentation for the details.

Yes ,thanks! And for exzample,if I connect the NVHS group of “A”module as RP to the NVHS group of “B”module to the NVHS as EP;also I can change “A”module to EP and "B"moudel to RP through GPIO control the F24/24,E30/31 in one hardware design?

The same controller works as RP and EP but only in one mode at a time. So, with proper software initialization/uninitialization flow, it can be switched between RP and EP modes.
Please note that this support isn’t there with the Jetpack release. I’m just saying that technically it should be doable