Jetson Xavier NX Module PCIE0 Port Configuration Options

At the bottom of this snippet, is the statement, that the second controller can be configured as x1, x2, and x4. I believe they are referring to PCIE0. For this port, I would like to know if I can support PCIE Gen3, end point, in a x1 configuration. The documentation seems to indicate “up to x4, gen4” but that implies being able to do this as Gen3, x1, and endpoint. Thanks.

NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX System-on-Module Datasheet***
The Jetson Xavier NX module integrates two PCIe controllers supporting:
• • Connections to two interfaces (1x1 + 1x4).
• • x1 (supports Root Port only), x4 (supports Root Port or Endpoint modes) Upstream and downstream AXI interfaces that serve as the control path from the Jetson Xavier NX to the external PCIe device
• • Gen3 (8 GT/s), supported on x1
• • Gen4 (16 GT/s) supported on x4
• • Two PCIe controllers, five lanes for a total of 144 GT/s . One controller operates in x1 mode only. The second controller can operate in x1 or x2 or x4 mode.

Sorry for the late response, our team will do the investigation and provide suggestions soon. Thanks


PCIE5 supports Gen4 x4. Yes, Gen3, x1 endpoint can be supported on this controller.


For the Jetson Xavier NX module, to have it support Gen3x1, will this require a software change on the card. If a software change is required, how would that be done. Thanks.

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