Jetson Xavier NX - PCIe port


Looking at the Jetson Xavier NX datasheet (page 19):

The Jetson Xavier NX module integrates a single PCIe Gen3 controller supporting:
• Connections to two interfaces (1x1 + 1x1/2/4).
• x1 (supports Root Port only), x4 (supports Root Port or Endpoint modes) Upstream and downstream AXI interfaces
that serve as the control path from the Jetson Xavier NX to the external PCIe device
• Gen1 (2.5 GT/s), Gen2 (5 GT/s), and Gen3 (8 GT/s)
• Two PCIe controllers, five lanes for a total of 80 GT/s

  1. Configurable PCIe controller(bolded) supports which of the gen(1/2/3) versions?

  2. PCIE0_CLK_P supports bidirectional clock? in the datasheet it’s mentioned as output, which is not logically convincing as it can be configured as Root Port or Endpoint modes. Any info on this?

Thanks in advance!

Please refer to DS in DLC:

Gen4 (16 GT/s) supported on x4.
PCIE0_CLK_P/N is output in RP and input in EP mode.

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