Jetson Xavier connected to multiple Jetson Xaviers using pcie

Is it possible to link multiple jetson xaviers in pcie x1 (say 8) as endpoints to a single jetson xavier’s pcie x8? If not what would be the max number of jetson xaviers I could connect to one using pcie?

Hi ack37985,

Yes, for information about connecting two Xavier’s over PCIe, please see this app note:

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I have read this, and I am wondering if I can do more like 4 to 8

Unlike PCI which is a parallel bus architecture where multiple endpoints can be connected to a bus, PCIe is point-to-point, i.e. only one endpoint can be connected to one root port. So, you can only connect one Jetson-Xavier (operating in endpoint mode) to another Jetson-Xavier (operating in root port mode) directly. But, with the help of a PCIe switch, any number of endpoints can be connected (depending on the configuration and capabilities of the PCIe switch). So, to answer your question, if you want to connect directly, then, only one can be connected, but with the help of a PCIe switch, it can be extended to multiple endpoints.

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