Linking multiple Xavier cards together for more performance

Can I link multiple Xavier cards together for more performance as can be done with the larger GPU cards?

Hi david.allocca, Jetson Xavier does not support NVLINK, however you can interconnect them with Ethernet or PCIe. Using these, it will be up to your application to distribute the processing load (or you could use a framework for this like MPI).

For information about connecting two Xavier’s over PCIe, please see this app note:

could you extend what is the “the clock mux”, please? [page 11 of the pdf]
"If the Jetson AGX Xavier platform or platforms have the clock mux described
previously, which is present on the NVIDIA Developer Kit carrier board, then it
needs to be configured correctly after boot. This mux selects either PEX_CLK5_P/N
(Root Port end) or NVHS_SLVS_REFCLK_P/N (Endpoint end) to be routed to the
PCIe connector REFCLK pins (A13 and A14). "