How to use Xavier PCIe interconnection

We want to bringup the xavier PCIe interconnection.
The hardware design is as follows:

  1. master NVHS_TX <<==>> slave NVHS_SLVS_RX(x8)
  2. master PEX_CLK5 <<==>> slave NVHS0_SLVS_REFCLK0
  3. master PEX_L5_RST_N <<==>> slave PEX_L5_RST_N
  4. master PEX_L5_CLKREQ_N <<==>> PEX_L5_CLKREQ_N
  5. master NVHS_SLVS_RX <<==>> slave NVHS_TX(x8)
    How to use this, and test it.
    The hardware design is correct?

For the PCIe design between two Xavier, please refer to the application note in DLC and also the Xavier Design Guide.

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