recommendation of TX/RX swap module for two Xavier boards?


I am working on connecting two Xavier boards. And I found in the document, NVIDIA JETSON AGX XAVIER PCIe ENDPOINT DESIGN GUIDELINES(attached to this post), it recommends the NVIDIA E3317_A0. But I found little information online about it. I was wondering whether I can ask for some recommendations for the Xaviers communication via PCIe.

Jetson_AGX_Xavier_PCIe_Endpoint_Design_Guidelines.pdf (1.9 MB)

Hi, there is E3317 schematic as attachment in the ‘endpoint guidelines’ PDF file, please check.

Hi Trumany,

Thanks for the reply. Sorry, I may not ask the question very clearly. I am new to PCIe.

What I want to do is to connect two xavier boards via PCIe. And based on the guideline, one xavier should be in root port mode and the other should be endpoint mode.

What I found in the guideline is a TX/RX swap board to achieve the connection, called NVIDIA E3317_A0.

What problem I am having now is that
I cannot find this product online so that I can buy one, although I have the schematic in the guideline.

What questions I want to ask:

  1. Is it possible to build a PCB board based on NVIDIA E3317_A0 schematic as mentioned in the guideline?
  2. Is there any alternative suitable for PCIe communication between two xavier boards? I found it is very hard to find a similar RX/TX swap board online which provides endpoint and root port pins. Or maybe I search in the wrong way.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you!

E3317 is not for sale, you can design custom board based on guide and schematic, for layout guideline you can refer to the PCIe routing guidelines in OEM DG.

Hi Trumany,

Thanks for the reply.

May I just double check that this is the doc I need to read?


  1. And the maximum lane I can use is *8, which is controlled by C5, right?

  2. May I also ask for any recommendation on PCIe jumpers cable for Xavier?

Thank you!

Yes, it’s the doc and also the endpoint design guide is more useful for two Xavier connections. It is x8 NVHS port, controller is C5. No such jumper can be recommended, you can check with some third-party suppliers.

Thanks so much!