xavier pcie endpoint mode

Where can I find more information regarding Xavier PCIE endpoint mode?

  1. Are there existing COTS cards/cable that I can use to test X86 PCIE host connecting to Xavier as endpoint?
  2. PIN assignment? For example, A2 A3 is VDD_12V, should that from a RC via cable, or Xavier handles it?
    I assume the cable will be responsible to connect TX to Xavier RX, right?


In https://en.wikichip.org/wiki/nvidia/tegra/xavier
It talks about Xavier to Xavier communication via PCIE4.

I am wondering where can I buy that pcie4 cable/connector?

Hey I am also interested in purchasing the ‘NVIDIA approved and official PCIe txrx swap cable’, anyone have something compatibile from digikey or similar supplier?

Please refer to our download center. There should be Jetson AGX Xavier PCIe Endpoint Design Guidelines App Note which is helpful.

It’s helpful, but it feels a bit awkward for me to go and pay somebody to redesign the card, as simple as it is, when Nvidia has already done so Can Nvidia release models that I can just send to a board prototyping house instead of PDF files?

The closest I’ve found otherwise are cables from ADT-Link, they provide ‘null-modem’ cables that swap RX and TX, but they go against Nvidia’s suggestion about connecting power.

Hi WayneWWW.

Can you send me the link the pcb layout orcad layout & cadence 17.2 for PCIE endpoint.



Hi guo.tang,
Do your xavier pcie endpoint mode can work now ? And can your access all shared memory defined in the endpoint mode?

Hi All,
I’m also have the same question, is there any ready to buy tested cables/ adapter board available in market ? Is anybody tried with ADT-Link cables?


I haven’t done a huge amount of testing. However, I was able to get the basic PCIe communication working over a R88SS cable from ADT-link. I was a bit concerned about how closely it matched the Nvidia spec, but it did work. I can make no guarantees however. I transferred a few bytes by hand with busybox and they arrived.

Do you mean to say that you used a R88NS cable? Looking at their website, an R88SS is stated as “PCI-E x8 ,goldfinger to goldfinger, Tx to Tx direct extension”, whereas the R88NS is “PCI-E x8 ,goldfinger to goldfinger, Tx to Rx signal swap”, which seems to swap TX and RX as needed.

You’re correct, I quoted the part incorrectly. I did, however, buy both cables because we also made a card to do the swap. So technically, I have tested both the straight-through and the signal-swap versions.