AGX Xevier endpoint mode Ethernet over PCIE PCIe x1 x2 x4 x8 issue


We want to change AGX Xavier to endpoint mode connect x86 platform with PCIe.

I follow below website change ODMDATA to 0x09191000 and setting Linux to Etherner Interface

However , when AGX Xevier insert to x86 pcie slot with x4 or x8 ," Network controller: NVIDIA Corporation Ethernet Connection 2296" not found on x86 platform after reboot, but When we mask the PCIe lanes with insulating tape,pci speed down to x1 x2 , x86 platform can detect " Network controller: NVIDIA Corporation Ethernet Connection 2296" on lspci , and check function by iperf.

There are no such problems in DevKit, what are the possible areas that need to be adjusted?
DeviceTree or Pinmux?

In attachment file picture , left is DeviceKit ,right is my board device tree.

in “pinctrl-0” and “vpcie3v3-supply” , “vpcie12v-supply” has some defferent , But I’m not sure if I should modify these values…

Sorry for the late response, our team will do the investigation and provide suggestions soon. Thanks

Check what is the phandle of 0x1b and 0x1c in your device tree… Each phandle is just pointing to another node.

Hi Kaycc , WayneWWW

Please close this question , when re-flash BSP by other computer with same BSP package with pinmux and Device Tree, this issue not reproduce , x8 x16 change endpoint mode can work.

Very thanks your help!

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