use PCIe endpoint mode to communication in two Xaviers

In the post above, it said that:
“Using the PCIe endpoint mode to communicate with RDMA between two Xavier’s will be supported in a future release of JetPack.”

What is the current status for this function?

Hi zhuce_cgf,

This feature is under developing now, it will be supported in a future release of JetPack, please stay tuned.


When will the next release be?

Hi Kayccc.

Can you send me the link the pcb layout orcad layout & cadence 17.2 for PCIE endpoint.


Schematic of P3317 is in the attachment of pdf file:

No other related files can be provided.

Hi Trumany.

NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Series PCIe Endpoint Design Guidelines DA-09357-001_v1.1 | 1

I am looking for Orcad and Cadence layout and Gerber file for :

This info 602-83317-1000-A01.pdf (E3317-A01 X16 PCIe Tx/Rx Swap Module )
nv_pn 600-83317-1000-100
PCB REV E3317-A01


The P3317 schematic is in DA-09357-001_v1.1 pdf file, please check its attachment and open it.

All we can provide are in DLC now. No layout and Gerber files of P3317 is released.