What can high speed data communication Tech between Xaviers?


We have a project that requires the use of multiple Xavier is in progress.
The operating system is Linux (ROS).
Xavier can be used for 2 ~ 4 units and carrier board can be manufactured.

  1. Xavier x2EA
    It is commonly understood to be implemented as a P2P Ethernet connection between Xaviers.
    In this case, it is expected that Xavier Module will not be able to use Ethernet.
    Does it work the same with USB to Ethernet or PCIe to Ethernet?
    Is there any other way than ethernet?

  2. Xavier x3/4EA
    In this case I do not know how.
    When connected via Ethernet, do you use an Ethernet hub?
    The request for possible implementation methods.

Ask for help.
Thank you~.

Hi roi.yun.ypy,

It seems you want to connect multiple Xavier’s in a mini-cluster configuration and use intercommunication between them to distribute the processing load, right?
You can refer to below topics:

Thank you very very much!

It’s so nice to have an affordable module/developer kit like the Xavier available for those coming into the industry. It sounds like it will be enough to build what I desire. Thank you NVIDIA. (And thank you Dusty!)