How to config software for two jetson agx xavier communication use the way ep-to-ep

How to config software for two jetson agx xavier’s communication using the way ep-to-ep?

What is the goal here?
Two PCIe EPs can’t talk to each other as per the PCIe spec.

We have Three xavier,one for rp mode,other two xaviers for endpoint mode. Rp xavier can commuicate with the other two ep devices now. But I want the other two ep devices can communicate by ep-to-ep. How to config the software?

I’m afraid that is not possible (at least through PCIe).
How about using Ethernet for that?

I need more higher speed, so i use pcie interface. If i use pcie switcher, the rp and two ep xaviers all connect to the switcher. Can ep-to-ep communication be possible?

If the PCIe switch supports ‘peer-to-peer’ feature, then, it should be possible. In that case, PCIe packets from one PCIe-EP to another PCIe-EP go via the PCIe switch (without really reaching all the way up to RP)

Do you have some similar design or case using pcie ep-to-ep for xavier?

Unfortunately no.

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