How many serial port connections can be made at the same time in Xavier ?


I wonder how many rs232/rs485 connection can I make at the same time in Xavier ?

hello me_r_te,

could you please share what’s the expectation and may I also know what’s your use-case.

I communicate Xavier with my computer for my master’s thesis. I need to send and receive commands via rs232 and rs485. I also need at least one CAN communication. Is it possible to make and use these connections simultaneously?

You can get different carrier boards, but these links from the dev kit would be of interest:

Note that any of the serial UART interfaces are 3.3V TTL logic level (I think some I/O can be selected as 1.8V, but I have not experimented with that). Some “GPIO” pins may have the ability to be used in multiple ways…but only one way at one time. So a lot depends on what combinations. The older DB-9 12V would need an adapter.

The RS232 protocols work on the serial UARTs (though if you go above 115200 speed you need two stop bits). I don’t know of anything which would work as RS485 without add-on support…the Linux kernel is fairly standard in this way though, and if there is a Linux driver for an RS485 card, then it probably works on Xavier (though you’d have to compile and add the module). I’ve never experimented with the CAN or SPI, but you’ll see there are some pins related to this.

A GPIO pin set to a give function can only do that one function at a time, but multiple GPIO set to become different functions would typically be able to run independently of each other.