Jetson AGX Xavier UART4


I actually wanted to use all the UART of the Jetson AGX Xavier dev kit. But UART4 can’t use because it configured as a camera interface. If I’m connecting a custom board to SOM and access UART4 will it work as UART? or The boot selection also need to configure in that. Can you explain how to use the UART4!!

hello vivek.k,

UART4 pins do not support UART functionality and UART4_RX pin is reserved and must be tied to GND through a 10kΩ resistor.
please access Xavier Product Design Guide, you should check chapter [13.3 UART] for more details.

Then can you pl tell me why the naming of that Pin is UART?

I thought if I’m connecting UART4 directly from CVM then I can use?

hello vivek.k,

it’s just pin naming, please access Xavier Product Design Guide for the details.

Sure and Thank you.