Use the UART0_TXD, UART0_RTS pin as GPIO after booting

I am designing a custom carrier board for jetson xavier nx module.

In the documentation, I checked the explanation below.

The direction indicated for the UART pins except for is true when used for that function. Otherwise, these pins support GPIO functionality and most can support both input and output (bidirectional) functionality. The exception is UART0_TXD, UART0_RTS* and UART1_TXD.
These have output-only buffers on the module to keep them from being affected by connected devices during boot as they are associated with SoC strapping pins.

Can I use the UART0_TXD, UART0_RTS pin as GPIO after booting?

hello ksypassion,

please refer to NX Product Design Guide, check [Table 10-7. Jetson Xavier NX UART Pin Descriptions].
please also access Pinmux spreadsheets, you should have modify [Customer Usage] column to update board configurations,
for example, please change UART0_TX/RX from UB3_TX/RX to GPIO pins. (i.e. GPIO3_PX.04 & GPIO3_PX.05),
you may also refer to developer guide, please check Pinmux Changes session for the instructions for pinmux customization.