How to set unused GPIO pins as SFIO(uarts)

TX2 Development Kit with Jetpack 4.6.
I’m using Tx2 as controller of a moving robot and I need 4 groups of UARTs(Tx/Rx) to work as serial consoles to send commands. How can I change and set unused pins on J21(GPIOs, such as Board pin 32 as Tx, 33 as Rx ) as uart function?

hello kidxhac,

TX2 modules bring five UARTs out to the main connector; please also access Jetson TX2 Series OEM Product Design Guide, please check [Figure 46. UART Connections] for reference,
there’s pinmux spreadsheets to define the pin configuration, please modify the pin usage, and you should also follow documentation, Pinmux Changes for the steps to change the pinmux configuration applied by the software.

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Thank you for your help. Hope Nvidia could upgrade the and set every pin’s usage more conveniently.

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