"Internal Error" with 1.1 using Cygwin nvcc h_world now gives "Internal Error"


I installed CUDA 1.1 SDK and Toolkit the other day. I didn’t install the updated driver; for one thing, I don’t yet have a card, here.

I often use the Cygwin bash shell, but when I went to try a few simple codes, using the usual nvcc -deviceemu -o simple simple.cu etc. I receive only one message: “Internal Error”. If I give no arguments to nvcc, I get the usual messages, but apart from that it’s always the same.

Curious, I tried with the standard Windows console, and the programs built and ran fine.

I have now reverted to CUDA 1.0. Thanks to NVIDIA for keeping that available.


CUDA is not supported with cygwin. The fact that it worked for you with version 1.0 was likely just luck.