Is any nVidia product officially supported for PCI passthrough with Qubes?

I’m interested in doing video production work in a Qubes VM (Qubes being a high-security operating system based on Xen), to have a high degree of isolation between video production software (SynthEyes; DaVinci Resolve Studio; various BorisFX products) and other tools on the system.

As nVidia’s consumer-grade products are not intended for virtualized use (even when passing the entire GPU through to a single VM rather than segmenting), I’m interested in determining what offerings nVidia has that are suitable to my use case.

  • I do intend to have the GPU being passed through directly connected to monitors to be used by that VM; compute-ony solutions are not fit-to-purpose.
  • SynthEyes requires CUDA support for GPU acceleration; OpenCL-only approaches are not fit-to-purpose.

If I were going to be using consumer-focused products, I would be satisfied with self-supporting; but for the premium associated with business-segment cards, I’m looking for something where customer support is available.