Is anyone running a stable linux 5.15 kernel on a Jetson Nano or Jetson Xavier NX?

The current “sd card image” for the L4T is a Ubuntu from 2017. It is extremely buggy with a lot of tainted kernel objects, unregistered update-alternatives, and its open-source libraries are too far behind for practical development. I can’t even use 2021 hardware which the long-term 5.15 upstream kernel has built-in support for. I can get more usage out of a Rocketchip, Snapdragon, or Xilinx development board than I can these Jetson devices. Before I donate them to science, I am curious if anyone has put the Cuda cores to good use with an upstream kernel? All the Nvidia drivers are deb packages for a 5-year-old Linux. I have tried booting Fedora 35 after updating the Uboot image because I am more familiar with that Linux flavor, but it consistently crashes with the Nouveau driver. These Tegra devices are far from “bleeding edge” and more like a failed concept.

Please ask in the Jetson forums
This one is x86.

Thanks, I found the information I was looking for…