Compatibility and dependencies with Linux 5.10


Our company plans to base a new product on the Jetson Nano production module. For this purpose we are going to design a custom carrier board with several hardware components that are only supported in later Linux kernel versions than 4.9 (for instance the lm36274 module).

  • Is it possible to use the Linux kernel 5.10 from the current Jetson Linux driver package (r35.1) with the latest L4T supporting the Jetson Nano Production Module (r32.7.2)?

  • Which drivers or libraries from the Jetson Linux driver package that are released without source code would be incompatible if we switch to a newer Linux kernel like 5.10 or the upstream version (for instance GPU driver, or Cuda libraries)?

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Only Xavier and Orin support the more recent JetPack/SDK Manager install for L4T R35.x (JetPack/SDKM is the installer software, L4T is what gets installed…Ubuntu plus NVIDIA drivers).

Anything older than Xavier no longer gets feature updates. They get security updates, but Nano will be stuck on a 4.x kernel and won’t be updated to a 5.x kernel. Nano itself is from an SoC that is quite old and is the same as the TX1 SoC. You might want to consider moving to Xavier NX, although that would be more expensive. Here is the URL for Jetson Product Lifecycle:

Note that the availability of the Nano module is only until the start of 2025, and that during that time it is not actively developed other than security fixes.

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