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Reactivating: Upgrading kernel to 5+

is there any option / plan / schedule for an Kernel Upgrade for Jetson devices (esp. Nano). I see the current LTS Kernel 4.9 is ending LTS support in 01/2023. Current JetPack contains 4.9.253 (approx. 1,5 years old). Is there any means on updating the Jetson Nano to something more modern (5.+ better 6.+) including Nano Driver support? Not sure if the dated Versions will be feasible for resale (in products) if no Security / Support will be available.


  • overlayfs in old kernel produces issues for rootless containers
  • general prospect for security patches on kernel level
  • lacking support for 3rd party hardware



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So basically: No?

The Nvidia K4.9 Kernel Patches will be available, albeit Kernel 4.9 will be discontinued? How long can we expect security fixes for the Nano Platform? We plan to ship to industry applications, which will require several years of coverage (5+) – is there any schedule or is this expected to fail?

We’re going to have a next release soon, please wait for our announcement.

Thank you Kay,

is there a schedule on how long the nano platform will receive kernel-4.9 backport patches – I read your reply like NVIDIA will do backporting for “security and critical bugs”?



This would be without guarantee, and might not work at all, but I did see this which you might be interested in:

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