Security Updates for Jetson Nano until 2025

The latest L4T release for the Jetson Nano (32.7.2) contains the Linux kernel 4.9. The projected EOL for Linux 4.9 is January 2023 (The Linux Kernel Archives - Releases). According to the roadmap the Jetson Nano is supported until 2025:

How will NVIDIA provide Linux security updates for the Jetson Nano until 2025?

The JetPack 4 codeline is transition into a sustaining mode, it’s Ubuntu 18.04 + kernel 4.9, with continued software support via JetPack 4.x release to have for security updates and critical bug fixes.

Thanks for the reply @kayccc. Unfortunately this does not answer the question. My question is specifically about security updates on the NVIDIA provided kernel for the Jetson Nano and not about the userspace applications provided by Ubuntu 18.04.

Since kernel 4.9 reaches EOL by January the Linux community will not provide security updates anymore.
How will NVIDIA provide security updates on the Jetson Nano kernel?

  • Will NVIDIA provide a newer kernel? (e.g. Linux 4.19)
  • Will NVIDIA monitor CVEs on Linux 4.9 and provide their own patches?

No, that’s still K4.9.

Yes, we will have the new L4T release for security updates and critical bug fixes.

Thanks @kayccc.

The current JetPack 4.6.2 contains Linux 4.9.253 and not the latest 4.9.333 release.
How often can we expect new releases on JetPack 4.x with security fixes?

We’re going to have a next release soon, please wait for our announcement.

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