How to update kernel version >= 4.14 on Jetson Nano?

Hello, I’m working on Jetson Nano devkit(B01) to run firecracker.

But, there’s some issue.
Firecracker needs kernel version at least 4.14 or higher.
But, Jetson Linux version 32.7.4 which is the latest version available on Jetson Nano is based on kernel version 4.9.
I referenced this.

How can I update kernel version to use higher version?
Is it possible to use jetson linux 34.x or 35.x which is based on kernel version 5.10?


We don’t support upgrading kernel versions on JetPack 4/5, as a lot of device drivers are directly packed into NVIDIA’s downstream kernel.
Even if you manage to build a new kernel, it’s very likely the device will fail to boot up as drivers are missing.

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