Any kernel update for Jetson Nano?

Hi, I am using Jetson Nano with L4T r32.7.1

I want to use Mediatek USB wifi that supported in kernel 4.19 using mt76 module. AFAIK, L4T r32.7.2 also uses kernel 4.9.253, and L4T r34 cannot be used for Jetson Nano

Is there any guide to upgrade the kernel to the newer version, let’s say 4.19?

Sorry to tell there is no newer version of kernel.
You may need to get the driver from MTK to install it on Nano.

So there are won’t be any updates available for Jetson Nano after L4T r32.7.2?

This post mentioning kernel v4.19 so I thought that there is any kernel update for Jetson Nano

That is a typo.

I see… Thanks for the answers. I will mark this thread as solved

If the kernel module is available in source format, and if it doesn’t depend on changes from 4.9.253 to 4.19, then you might be able to just copy the source into the existing kernel source and build it as a module (after configuring to otherwise match the running system). No guarantee, but the Kconfig and the actual module subdirectory source copy is fairly simple to try if you’ve already learned how to match config and build.

Someone at OpenWRT has already backported the module, and somebody else has forked it so it can works on 4.9+ kernel. I hope it can compiled (and run) flawlessly without so much pain :')

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