Is cuDNN 8.7.0 compatible with CUDA 12.0.x on Ubuntu 22.04?

Season’s Greetings to everyone!

I’m currently running the NVIDIA GeForce 515.43.04 proprietary driver on an Ampere GPU and Ubuntu 22.04 OS, together with CUDA 11.7 and cuDNN 8.4.0.

I’m planning to upgrade the GPU driver to the Ubuntu 525 open version, and I’m wondering if CUDA 12.0.x will be compatible with cuDNN 8.7.0 (which is said to be compatible with CUDA 11.8); or should I wait for a cuDNN release that specifies compatibility with CUDA 12.0?



It’s not compatible. They should release out new version of cudnn soon, I think…
Their last version of ngc it’s cuda 11.8 and cudnn8.7

Thanks! I’ll wait for the next cuDNN release that will be hopefully compatible, before upgrading to the Ubuntu 525 open GPU driver version.

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