CUDA 9.1.85 compatible with GeForce GT 525M?

I would like to install CUDA 9.1 to enable running cuDNN programs on my (4 years old) x64 Windows 7 laptop with GeForce GT 525M GPU. Current driver is NVIDIA 391.35. I have conflicting information about whether or not that’s possible, could you help?

(1) cuDNN lists the following architectures as supported: “cuDNN is supported on Windows, Linux and MacOS systems with Volta, Pascal, Kepler, Maxwell, Tegra K1, Tegra X1 and Tegra X2 GPUs.” which is missing the Fermi architecture for GT 525M - really not supported?

(2) When I downloaded cuda_9.1.85_windows.exe and started to install it, it passed the first step of “checking the system” (or so), so I think that means that I could go ahead with the CUDA 9.1 installation which would also switch to a different video driver, correct? Is this recommended or should I better not try that with my old GPU?

Thank you!

The last CUDA version that supported that GPU is CUDA 8.0 CUDA 9.0 and CUDA 9.1 will not work.

It is also true that CUDNN requires a Kepler or newer GPU, and does not support Fermi and older GPUs.

Thanks, so I should probably not even try then. But why does the installer allow installation anyway? It should have detected that my old GPU is not suitable, and should have not let me go ahead (at least should have printed a warning), shoudn’t it?