CUDA compatibility with Ubuntu 22.10?

I’ve downloaded CUDA 12.2.0-1 to my MSI laptop, then noticed CUDA is config’d up to Ubuntu 22.04. (I’m running 22.10.) I couldn’t get nvidia-smi to talk to launch due to inability to talk to its drivers.

I assume the Ubuntu version mismatch is the root of my install problem & may have to wait for nVidia to catch up. Right?

(Yes, I’m a complete noob w.r.t. CUDA.)

Formally, CUDA supports the OS’s listed in the relevant install guides. However it should be possible to install a GPU driver on Ubuntu 22.10.

Installing a GPU driver is easiest when there is no previous driver installed. If you have a previous driver installed then you either need to follow a compatible install mechanism or else remove/clean-up the old driver install. These topics are covered in the CUDA linux install guide.

I can’t speak to the future, but historically (you can look at the historical guides) NVIDIA typically does not support the .10 release of a Ubuntu OS. The .04 release(s) of Ubuntu are the so-called LTS (long-term-support) releases, as defined by Canonical.

So waiting for NVIDIA to catch up probably isn’t logical here. 22.10 is not formally supported, and might never be. If it were my laptop, and I wanted to use CUDA on it, and I did not want to switch to another OS, I would first clean out any old driver install, and then install CUDA (and driver) using the runfile install method.