Is GPU Direct RDMA supported on newly released RTX 30 Series?

We saw a recent presentation of the new RTX product, RTX 30 Series by Jensen Huang.

In the presentation, there was an explanation of the DirectStorge feature and on the slide which explains how it works.

On the slide, we noticed that there is a NIC (network interface card) between SSD and GPU though no one mentioned it.

Is this means the newly released RTX 30 Series (3070, 3080, 3090) will support GPU Direct RDMA API??

As far as I know, GPU Direct RDMA API is only supported by Tesla and Quadro series GPUs and also Jetson Xavier…

Tnx in advance!


I would also be keen to know the answer to this, and the related question of whether P2P communication (within a node) is supported on the RTX 30 Series (as it is disabled on the RTX 2080’s).

Yes, we would like to confirm that but 30 Series always out of stock…

Now that the 30xxx cards are out can anyone confirm if this is possible? Also if GPU Direct is not possible, what about other offload scenarios using say OpenMPI?

RDMA is not supported on geforce.
RDMA is supported on Quadro and Tesla.