Is it able to make nvinfer run certain frame?

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RTX 2080Ti
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If I have a ROI, when this ROI has pixel changed, then nvinfer do on this frame
Is this possible?

Do you mean you want to insert ROI change detection algorithm into nvinfer?

I’m not sure what is ROI change detection algorithm is, but I will explain what I think

for input stream frame, when ROI has pixel change, go to nvinfer
otherwise, skip this frame

Current nvinfer does not support such function. The nvinfer is open source, you can implement the function by yourself.

Could you give me a guide to which function should I see?
Since nvinfer has lots of function that I’m not sure which function should I modify

Suppose that you are familiar with gstreamer plugin development. If not, you need to study how to develop gstreamer plugin first.

I don’t think the detection can be implemented with modifying one or two functions in nvinfer. You need to understand the nvinfer work flow before you modify it.
There is nvinfer source codes graph here. DeepStream SDK FAQ