is it bad to use OpenCV version over 3.0 in Jetson TK1..?

I tried to use “connectedComponentsWithStats” function in Open-CV

it was Open-CV 3.2’s function, and it didn’t work.

So I want to install OpenCV 3.2 in My TK1 board, but

I have no idea it is good choice.

OpenCV 3.2 in TK1 board is able to use GPU?

Do I have to use OpenCV4Tegra?

and one more question.

is it okay to install OpenCV 3.2 on my Jetson TK1?

I want to compare perfomance between OpenCV 3.2 and OpenCV4Tegra but I’m afraid of Confliction.

It is possible. Configure your opencv-3.2.0 build with CMAKE_INSTALL_PATH=/usr/local/opencv-3.2.0, build and install.
Be aware that opencv4tegra is in /usr, so its include and libs path will be found by default by gcc, so for opencv-3.2.0 be sure to give explicit paths to your opencv-3.2.0 with -I and -L. You may also have to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH accordingly.

One extra thing to know is that pkg-config is sometimes used to provide flags or libs in toolchains. Check also if

pkg-config --modversion opencv
pkg-config --cflags --libs opencv

returns the expected version and paths.
If not, you might rename file /usr/lib/pkgconfig/opencv.pc and make there instead a symlink to /usr/local/opencv-3.2.0/lib/pkgconfig/opencv.pc.

Opencv3 has a slighlty different API from opencv2. Mainly cv::gpu changed to cv::cuda, and you may have to adapt includes and libraries.

For comparison, especially if using gpu, be aware that first execution may take some time to bring up everything.