Jetson tk1 optimized OpenCV library

I have questions with regards to the Jetson tk1

  1. From this link
    It seems that OpenCV4Tegra has all the functions included as if they are available from the regular OpenCV, or is it only some of the functions optimized ( for NEON SIMD and multi threading as well for for the CUDA) and other functions are available as it ( from the normal OpenCV) OR it has optimized all functions of the OpenCV?

  2. It looks like the OpenCV4Tergra is closed source. Is there any way to obtain the source code so that depending on the need, OpenCV4Tegra functions can be re-factored to achieve further performance enhancement using the CUDA parallel programming, NVIDIA performance primitives, vision works ( or the optimization has been already done with such tools/libraries)

  3. For Jetson tk1 there are two OpenCv packages available namely the OpenCV4Tegra and another OpenCV4Tegra-python. I haven’t programmed OpenCV with Python, but in general sense, it offers the python warppers to the OpenCV functions coded in the C/C++. I’m wondering if I were to use the openCV-python package, will I get the similar results as compared with OpenCV4Tegra?
    Please post your response.
    Thanks in advance!