any equivalent for TBB in opencv4tegra ??

Hello all,

is there any equivalent for TBB in opencv4tegra.if not how to keep both opencv4tegra and custom-built opencv(with TBB) without any conflict in Jetson?

Thank you

OpenCV4Tegra does make a lot of use of the TBB library so that many OpenCV functions will automatically run on all 4 cores of Tegra K1 without the developer worrying about it. (Note that Tegra has a large number of power-reduction systems in the hardware & software, so it often won’t actually turn on all 4 cores unless if you are running some intense code for a decent length of time, such as processing a 1080p image or doing multiple operations, not just a single one-off image filter).

TBB is linked statically within OpenCV4Tegra, so I don’t think it would interfere if you installed your own TBB & open-source OpenCV. As mentioned on the Wiki (, if you build your own version of OpenCV (using the public open-source code), you will still have the full CUDA-optimized “gpu” module but not the CPU optimizations of OpenCV4Tegra (TBB multi-threading + ARM NEON SIMD).

Thanks for the information