Recompiling OpenCV4Tegra with GStreamer Support

I’ve come to know that OpenCV on TX1 doesn’t use the hardware acceleration for decoding video streams, even if there was GStreamer on the board. Could someone please provide us with the steps as to how to recompile OpenCV4Tegra with GStreamer support? It would be incredibly helpful! I’m an undergraduate student who’s new to Tegra, any help would be much appreciated!
Hope to get a reply as soon as possible.
Thank you!

AFAIK, opencv4tegra is not open source.
However, you can try to compile your own version of opencv without all tegra optimizations.
opencv-2.4.13 should have the same interface as opencv4tegra.
You might get better support of new features with opencv-3.2.0 (opencv3 has a slightly different API).
Have a look to

Be also aware of this for having several versions of opencv in your system: