Streaming OpenCV Output via RTSP using VLC on TX1

Hi Guys,

I’m needing to stream the openCV output feed over an RTSP feed for work. My research has indicated the best option is to use piping and VLC, however no amount of documentation or tutorials has yielded a solution.

I do not need to publish the feed to the internet, just to a local network for visual display. Has anyone managed to achieve this as of yet, or know of a way to do it?

Hi hansk1990,

We support gstreamer + RTSP streaming. You could follow:

OpenCV supports gstreamer pipeline after v3.x.x but there is still no rtsp lib supported.


It seems I misunderstood your request. Do you mean to use VLC to watch rtsp streaming on TX1?

Hi WayneWWW,

I’m looking to stream video out from the TX1 in the form of an RTSP feed, so I believe your link you posted should help me achieve that!

Hi WayneWWW,

I’ve finally started to get a pipeline working, and am getting a few errors when trying to create the pipeline within the C++ script. I noticed you mentioned

“OpenCV supports gstreamer pipeline after v3.x.x but there is still no rtsp lib supported.”

Do you mean I would require openCV version 3? Currently, I am using OpenCV4Tegra which I believe is 2.4. Could this possibly be why I am unable to create the videowriter with a gstreamer input?

Hi Hansk1990,

Yes, unfortunately opencv4tegra does not support gstreamer. It has to be opencv3 (I have verified it on opencv3.2.0)

Similar topic here :

Hi WanyeWWW,

Thanks for the reply, I am actually just working through this very topic right now, funnily enough!

Thanks again for all your help.