Using video from a h264 live stream

On I tried viewing and using a video from a live stream that is in h264 format on the Jetson TX1.The live stream address is rtsp://admin:admin@/live.sdp. The stream simply does not open on vlc or the default video player. I have the newest Tegra and JetPack. On my PC, that has the same Ubuntu 14, the video stream runs perfectly.
From my research it seems to be a problem with the h264 format, because other formats can be played just fine.

Did i have to download some codec packs or something? Nobody else seems to have this problem.
Do you need some more information, because i don’t know what might be needed.

Hello, Arvids:
Would you please paste your detailed command for your test case?
RTSP by GST pipeline should work in Jetson.


Hello Jachen,
I want the same solution as Arvids.
I have a streaming url rtsp://username:password@ip_address/camera/realmonitor?channel=x&subtype=y
Its working fine on my Ubuntu desktop using OpenCV in python and also in VLC media player.
Now I want to stream it on Nvidia Jetson.
I’m new to Jetson. Can I know how to do this?

Please refer to