Is it possible to already use TensorRT 10 on Jestson AGX Orin

I try to use some features of TensorRT 10. I use the SDK Manager to set it to Version 8.6 and then set a container with TensorRT version 10 up. I also updated the Cuda Version to the needed version 12.4.

But it seems that I need also the driver version of the grafic-card with version 550 and it looks like there is no grafic-card driver version 550 for Jetson Orin available or did I miss something.
Maybe someone can tell we where I can find the right driver.


Orin is an iGPU system so the driver comes with OS rather than a standalone driver.

If you want to use the library on Orin, the library needs to support the Jetson environment (with aarch64-jetson tag).
We do have CUDA 12.4 for Jetson but no TensorRT 10 is available currently.



I found there is TensorRT 10.0 GA for JetPack with CUDA12.4 downloadable in this link.

May I know is this work if upgraded CUDA toolkit to 12.4 in JetPack 6.0?

Thank you.


Please let us check more details internally and update.


Thanks for the responses,
for me I got errors with CUDA 12.4 refering to the grafic card driver version.
Maybe becouse CUDA 12.4 needs grafic driver version 550.
It would be awesome to use TensorRT 10 on Jetson to speed up our interference time in production with quantisation of LLM-Layer and Transformer-Layer.