Is it possible to for an ELD update/refresh?

I ask this because of cases where people have their card plugged into a receiver/surround system. There should be a way to detect if the receiver is on/off, and using eld makes this possible. The reason you’d want to do this is so the number of audio channels can be correctly set depending on the current state of your receiver. For example, when you play content, you:

refresh eld
if receiver is ON, audio channels can be set to surround 5.1/7.1/whatever
if receiver is OFF, audio channels can be downmixed to stereo since only the tv speakers would be in use

This is extremely useful for those of us who don’t leave our receivers on 24/7 in consideration of wasteful power consumption, heat, and noise.

If refreshing ELD info isn’t currently supported, is it on the TODO list? If not, will you please add it?


This is a significant issue for those of us with htpc’s in a home theater environment. Would appreciate a response.


Weekly bump, waiting for a response.