ELD is not valid, so I can't use HDMI/DP Audio

Hi, I’m trying to output sound using HDMI or DP based on this document, ftp://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/gpu-hdmi-audio-document/gpu-hdmi-audio.html

My Current Configuration:
GTX1060, 375.26. Use 1 moditor using DP cable
Fedora 25, Kernel: 4.8.14-300, Xorg: 1.19.0-2

The result of

$  grep eld_valid /proc/asound/card1/eld*

is as follows:

/proc/asound/card1/eld#0.0:eld_valid		0
/proc/asound/card1/eld#0.1:eld_valid		0
/proc/asound/card1/eld#0.2:eld_valid		0
/proc/asound/card1/eld#0.3:eld_valid		0

Detailed log using nvidia-bug-report:

Is there are any other things to make HDMI/DP audio working?

Hi leebc,

It looks like you’re using DisplayPort multistream transport. Audio over DP MST isn’t supported at the moment.

Hi, aplattner. After I disable DP 1.2 options in my monitor, it works like a charm! Thanks!