Is it possible to overclock the GPU inside the TX2?


I am doing a benchmark between 2 EDGE devices: Google Coral and Jetson Tx2.

I have planned to overclock the TPU and GPU respectively.

So far I have overclocked the TPU, from 250MHz (STD) to 500 MHz (MAX). But I do not see any difference.
The “stress” test was doing inference 70000 times in a classification task (AI). I used 1 image, because I do not want to measure the latency between the CPU and TPU (the CPU does the image preprocessing). everything took around 2 hours.

I am going to overclock the GPU. I do not know if I will have BAD results as with the TPU. So, please any comments or suggestions are welcomed.

Here is the plot that I made. It displays the variation in temperature. Unfortunately it is the same for STD and MAX frequencies.

enter image description here

Please refer to power management in development guide. After executing sudo nvpmodel -m 0 and sudo jetson_clocks, TX2 will run in max performance. You may check benchmark in this condition.