Is RTX2060 VENTUS 6GB GDDR6 OC or TUF-RTX2060-O6G-GAMING RTX2060 6GB CUDA compatible ?

We found that it is hard to purchase Nvidia 2060 in our region. Our supplier suggest us to get a "RTX2060 VENTUS 6GB GDDR6 OC¨ or ¨TUF-RTX2060-O6G-GAMING RTX2060 6GB¨ instead.

Specification of these GPUs:

However, I would like to know if these GPUs are compatible with CUDA Toolkit and cuDNN SDK. Or do we need to get one that is manufactured by Nvidia directly?

FYI. We are working on Ubuntu 18.04.

Thank you in advance.

All NVIDIA-based GPUs since approximately 2008/2009 are CUDA compatible, in some form. They don’t have to be manufactured directly by NVIDIA. In fact except for a few high end “founders edition” products, no GeForce GPUs are manufactured directly by NVIDIA. However all GeForce branded GPUs that hit the market after about 2008 are CUDA capable. All GeForce branded GPUs that are kepler or newer (so, around 2012 or newer) are CUDNN capable.

Thank you very much.