Is GeForce 8200M G CUDA enabled?

Hi all,

I am getting a little confused here. I originally did some research and found that GeForce 8200M G is capable of of CUDA SDK 2.0 But in the Readme.txt of :

Version 2.0

It did not list GeForce 8200M G as part of the Supported NVIDIA Hardware.
and on the…_g_mgpu_us.html, on the specification tab, it said:

NVIDIA CUDAâ„¢ Technology No(Intel) No(AMD)

Does that mean I cannot use CUDA SDK 2.0 or higher?

But this link:
seems to say CUDA programming can be done on GeForce 8200M G.

Buttom line, can you tell me whether I will be able to do CUDA programming on the HP G60-120US notebook with Nvidia GeForce 8200M G?

Thanks so much for any clarification you can provide.


I’ve never even heard of the 8200M. And neither has wikipedia. Is it a cutdown 9400M? Something original?

Conceivably, NVIDIA cut chunks of it out to save transistors that ended up disabling CUDA/PhysX. I don’t think NVIDIA would lie about such a thing. But it would be the first DX10 card that i’ve seen that doesn’t support it.

I don’t know, you can try installing the latest CUDA driver (using the INF hack if you need to) and then seeing if the SDK samples work.


I was able to run through the samples from the CUDA Browser, except for one. Not sure why. But thanks for the wiki link, I check and it does seem to be there:



That’s so bizarre. Why would NVIDIA go out of its way to claim the 8200 GT does not support CUDA, when it does?

There is a strange game NVIDIA is playing right now with Intel, which has so far banned NVIDIA from making chipsets that work with its i7 CPUs. Mostly because Intel is afraid of CUDA, and afraid of CUDA integrated into the motherboard. (Jeez… don’t you sometimes wish our antimonopoly laws would be good for something?)